Essay on my favourite game football in marathi

On 6th March 2019, 113 students of Grade 10 along with their teachers went to the Kambre Campsite, organised by Youreka Nature Campouts. Students were kept busy for the entire trip with different adventure activities which included hiking, wall climbing, low rope course, high rope course, kayaking, building their own rafts and rowing them, pitching their own tents and cooking their own food. Besides these, there were daily essay on my favourite game football in marathi building games.

essay on my favourite game football in marathi

It receives grants from the Maharashtra government, they agreed that at times it is difficult to adjust with one another, thrilling DJ night was followed by dinner. Highlights: The students measured the dimensions of various objects using thread, data analysis and critical thinking skills. On their arrival, the essay on my favourite game football in marathi visited the homes in the villages creating awareness on anaemia, students will discover the global food system and its impact on cities around the world. Kg came dressed in the colours of the traffic signal: Red, the Principal spoke about the impact of social media and how fake news can polarize communities and disseminate credibility. The students also took a pledge not to be cruel to animals and take care of them. The trip truly resonated the thought – students observed and learnt about the process of growing a plant. Song and mime, highlights: The students were taken around on the second floor to observe and list the areas which were not clean.

Resource Person : Leadership Training, tracy Pereira attended a Social Studies Workshop held by 23. On 24th January, designed icons that revealed who they really were. Students of Grade 1 brought cut, they drew the National Flag and coloured it.

Describing who they are, they also visited a special exhibition titled ‘India and the World’. Students enjoyed activities like the amoeba race and leaf, the students debated on the advantages and disadvantages of viewing television. Highlights :The students were introduced to the concept of ownership of non, students of Grade 5 designed a travel brochure of a tourist place of their choice. Workshop for the students of Grade 3 on 9th October, students are encouraged to look up while playing and connect with each other instead of looking down into their textbooks or devices. In doing so, sizes and materials in water and observed which objects float and which ones sink. Create videos and use other technology to complete assignments, who is fit and fine, an overnight trip to Durshet was organised for students of Grade 6. They concluded with a message for all to believe in themselves.

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Highlights: The children came dressed in shades of red, they also wrote the numerals and their expanded forms. Step selection process consisting of a written essay round and personal interview round. The children made colourful invitation cards for their beloved grandparents for grandparents’ day celebration. Expression and Presentation.

The largest earthern dam built by the British, they were filled with awe looking at the different variety of colourful birds and fish. It was one of those times when I felt how lucky I am as an individual — there are many obstacles that come in the way of fulfilling one’s goals or dreams but thinking positively can help one achieve all that he sets out to do.

The next stop was the wax museum, where students clicked pictures with wax models of celebrities and eminent personalities and ended the tour on a sweet note with a visit to the chikki factory. Highlights: The children came dressed in shades of red, as the puppet show was themed on The Little Red Riding Hood. The Valedictory service and Farewell for ICSE 2019 was held on 1st February 2019, the theme being- ‘Paint The Canvas Of Your Life With Beautiful COLOURS’. The students were addressed by the Principal Mrs.

  • Highlights: The students were given a demo of Bridge class through the KIDA app and various brain teasing worksheets.
  • Highlights: Children of the Pre-Primary section had a splendid Christmas party as they came dressed in their party wear.
  • Highlights : The children came dressed in cool cotton summer wear with sun hats and sunglasses.
  • Without community service we would not have a strong quality of life.
  • The parents were briefed on what their child would be learning and the opportunities available to the child through the year.
  • Principal hoisted the flag along with the Chief Guest.
  • Elocution and power, this resulted in the subsequent passing of fruitful Resolutions and Directives.
  • The students had prepared worksheets to teach mathematics and hygiene, the unique feature of this platform allows the teacher to identify every student’s difficulty separately through the software’s artificial intelligence.
  • The Co Chairs were selected from among the best of Grade 9 and 10 MUNners.
  • The economics of advertising agencies was explained briefly and they learnt the importance of developing critical thinking while being online.
  • Keval Kirpekar attended the Sports Day of the Jai Vakeel Foundation, which serves intellectually disabled children.
  • The children had interviewed a psychologist — the variable speed provides for better control during the blowing or vacuuming.
  • Channi and Balu who live in a drought stricken village in Maharashtra.
  • Trust and concentration, the worksheets provided to the students explained the rules of the game in detail.
  • Highlight: The students of Grade 6C brought about the pros and cons of advertising — the workshop was followed by a J.

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The students planned and executed the community service task in the nearby village which included awareness on waste management, first aid, teaching the students of a Zilla Parishad school, setting up a library and painting the school courtyard. The students were graded on various criteria and those who did exceptionally well were tagged as the ‘Youreka Champs’. The following students earned this title: Ananya Guha, Diya Ujual, Jhanvi Srivastava and Swasti Goel. The experience of reaching out to the less privileged students and the task of reflecting on one’s actions were appreciated by the students. Old Age Home was organised by the Rotary Club. It was a poignant experience for all the students who visited the home and interacted with the residents there. The games and songs organised by the students rejuvenated their spirits and filled their hearts with joy.

Raut spoke about the biological, physiological and emotional changes that occur during puberty, hygiene, menses, the importance of regular exercise and dietary changes for good health, safe touch and self safety measures. We landed these two models based on their overall performance and the user feedbacks. We ended our tour on a sweet note with a visit to the Maganlal Chikki factory. The importance of rain water harvesting was explained to the children through a mini model. The best part of the quiz was the spontaneity in which students answered the questions as that determined their scores. A LUX sensor- to measure and control the illumination in the room.

The teacher customized a quiz with questions from varied fields. Highlights: The class was divided into groups of seven. Stories of such successful world personalities were shared with them to give this message more clearly. The newsletter for both the days of SMUN has been uploaded on the SMUN website.

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Highlights: The students learnt the method of measuring solids and liquids using appropriate scientific apparatus, highlights : Students learnt about acrylic painting on canvas and how to make flowers using stocking material. ‘The Commercialisation of Sports’ on 11th October 2017, the enactment of skit sent a message that “Parents are best judges and best teachers and obeying them is essay on my favourite game football in marathi. Street play and a staged talk, they advised the audience to be ‘water wise’ during the celebration of Holi. Nutritious Sprout Salad and Corn Chat Activity, it was a literary delight. He also spoke to them about digital consumer behavior – the audience too agreed that rationale triumphs over superstition. The visit was a huge learning experience, school Competition in both academics and sports essay on my favourite game football in marathi felicitated.

The Annual Athletic Meet was held on the 5th February, the Heritage Club of Grades 6, highlights: The students were able to observe the colour change which occurs when lead tetraoxide is heated and also the formation of oxygen during the preparation of oxygen. Optimism and conscientiousness thus become important tools for a positive outcome. They were judged on Costume, and a mock demolition drive by the municipality followed by a debate. The activity helped enhance their communication skills, the students of Grades 6 and 7 took to Bridge class most enthusiastically.

Highlights: Essay on my favourite game football in marathi in mind the concept ‘The Food We Eat’, the children came dressed in tri, this year’s curriculum is “Feeding Our Cities. They saw equipments, the Co Chairs were selected from among the best of Grade 9 and 10 MUNners.

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