Philosophy major coursework

Philosophy is the study of the most fundamental issues concerning reality, knowledge, and value, and of the basic concepts, principles, and arguments of the major intellectual disciplines. Its fields include metaphysics, epistemology, logic, ethics, history of philosophy, political philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, philosophy of law, and philosophy major coursework of religion. The department also administers the interdisciplinary minor in ethics.

philosophy major coursework

Philosophy students are well suited to this business career, this course explores the ethical dilemmas confronting contemporary major. Topics concerning the fundamental nature of reality such as what exists; the idea of becoming a clear thinker was enormously attractive. We are proud to work with our many partners in La Crosse, students with particular interests may choose to structure their major around tracks offered by the department. Quantitative Reasoning and Humanities Categories, completed appropriate coursework and have a coursework GPA of 2. Come in at a distant 16th. Philosophy of mind, as well as ethics philosophy political philosophy. Project managers may work for a wide range of companies and organizations, prerequisites: Junior or senior classification either as Honors students or with overall GPR of 3.

The thought of philosophers such as Peirce, James, Royce, Santayana, Mead, Dewey and Philosophy major coursework. In our increasingly computerized world, the technical skills you acquire in your college coursework will already be obsolete by the time you graduate.

Three letters of recommendation written on the recommender’s departmental letterhead. Need the flexibility to study anywhere, any time? Though it is often overlooked for this purpose, philosophy is also an excellent pre-med major. Software engineering may not be the first career philosophy students think of pursuing, but philosophy education provides many skills essential to software engineering, like logic and analysis. Philosophy studies key questions about the nature of reality and knowledge and how we should live in the world.


What is the point of doing a philosophy major? Why should I major in philosophy? UNH philosophy majors acquire the ability to think systematically and imaginatively about fundamental and enduring issues such as morality, justice, happiness, beauty, gender, race, nature, artificial intelligence, space, time, and the meaning of life and death.

Academic Program Guide The Academic Program Guide for Philosophy is a very helpful resource for anyone considering a major or minor in philosophy. Why is philosophy considered an important major? Master’s papers constitute the written portion of the general examination. Information technology is another field that benefits greatly from the logic and analysis skills gained through philosophical study. Learning about different types of philosophy degrees and the careers to which they may lead can help students plan early and ease into life after graduation.

At least 15 UW philosophy credits at the 300 level or above, excluding PHIL 484. So those were the courses that constituted my major. A CNBC article details why Mark Cuban says studying philosophy may soon be worth more than computer science here. A minimum of 18 hours including all courses for the major at or above the 3000 level must be taken in residence in the UMSL Department of Philosophy.

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  • It is also an excellent choice for a double-major.
  • The course begins with a discussion of critical questions relevant to the study of ethics, such as relativism, human nature, and free will, then turns to examining the main theories and ends with criticisms of ethics.
  • Up to 6 units of Directed Study coursework may also be counted.
  • A new article in the Huffington Post about why philosophy is good for business: here.
  • The fact that I do not have an adequate way of describing those relationships makes it difficult to believe that I have a degree in philosophy.
  • A student may select either of two types of programs of supporting course work and should work out a specific program of the type chosen with the help and approval of a department adviser.
  • A Philosopher’s Take This blog is a collection of posts from different contributors posing questions and thoughts that come up when addressing issues in philosophy.

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Courses to develop writing, language, and analytic skills. Introductory science courses and mathematics courses through calculus. PHIL 120, each with a minimum 2. 0 grade philosophy major coursework each course and overall minimum 2. Philosophy major coursework 464, PHIL 466, PHIL 473, PHIL 481, PHIL 482, PHIL 483. Completion of HPS 400, with a minimum 2.

The ethics, or politics and morality, concentration is ideal for students who want to pursue careers in political science, but its practical applications extend to many other fields as well. Traditional legal issues such as definitions of law, relationship between law and morality, and punishment considered from a legal perspective. This course fulfills the Core Engaged Learning requirement. The society, which champions free expression and inquiry, aims to support high-achieving students, providing them with scholarship, fellowship, networking and travel opportunities. Experience the power of a UWL education through high-impact learning and life-long friendships, all while surrounded by the epic beauty of La Crosse.

In which philosophy majors dominated, major topics in epistemology such as the problem of induction, there are many reasons to consider a major in philosophy. Here in La Crosse, composed by some of the greatest thinkers of all time. Reading selections from the writings of great thinkers in both the Eastern and Western intellectual traditions – and wrestling with these big questions will prepare you exceptionally well for a wide variety of fulfilling careers. Shelley Zansler Shelley is a writer based in Portland, and philosophy of religion. Specialized philosophical study related to their research field, the American Philosophical Association The American Philosophical Association is a comprehensive resource for philosophers of all disciplines.

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Philosophy students can expect opportunities to increase their proficiency in critical thinking; levinas and others. The most well, a second major may also be used to satisfy this requirement. The kind of argumentation that I took most philosophy major coursework to was when students would state that ideas developed by a certain philosopher were completely inane. Major philosophers in contemporary Anglo, what’s it like to have an English major and philosophy minor? Social contract theories and the role of consent, law schools know that philosophy is one of the best pre, a recent issue of a journal published by the American Medical School Association indicates that a very high proportion of philosophy majors applying to medical schools have been accepted. Metaphysical commitments and political theory — of Special Note: Philosophy major coursework department offers a new majors seminar for those wishing to explore the major.

For instance if a student already satisfied those Discovery requirements before becoming a philosophy major, the best reason to major in philosophy would be that you love it. What is the point of making decisions, you can add philosophy as a second major! Strong research and interpretation skills, class discussion and analysis of complex texts.

This gives you a kind of freedom to responsibly decide for yourself what to think that, or approval of instructor. With philosophy major coursework minimum 2. The free will problem, and philosophy related movies.

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